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A generous athlete

Cane con Bambina Tawny in colour, (from gold to deer red) sometimes striped, with transversal but not thick black stripes on the body, with or without limited white spots, the boxer is a Molosside and a member of the numerous category of dogs with a cuboid or round massive heads and a frowning expression, a rather short muzzle, wide-jawed, and with thick-lips and dark eyes; the stop is marked by the point of juncture between the cranium and the spine of the nasal.

The boxer is a dog of medium size, with a height measured at the withers and at the center of the tips of the two shoulder blades of around 60 cm.

The frame is square, compact, and athletic, with hard and heavy bones, clearly-evident muscles beneath tightly stretched skin with thick, short, glassy, fur. In terms of both structure and spirit, the boxer is a perfect athlete in eternal competition with anyone else around, a true competitor with an irrepressible urge to win or at least make a good showing.

Perfectly integrated in the world of Man, in his every movement and all behaviour, his loyalty and courage are impossible to ignore.

Just one look is enough to understand that the boxer is truly in love with human beings. His eagerly curious eyes are often lost in contemplation of his companions, the shiver that runs up his spine at the touch of a human hand and his unwavering attention to all that happens around him reveal a strong, austere temperament, that is easily moulded to human will.

The boxer is cheerful, amusing and curious. Boxers have never been known to be aggressive or demanding with the people around them, to whom - on the contrary - they offer the greatest attention and from whom they expect the same degree of consideration. Boxers play willingly with children in complete submission, and are always ready to protect and defend them. Boxers are sensitive and suffer solitude and feeling abandoned or ignored, in which case they can become sad and aconative, or rather apathetic with no desire for physical or mental effort of any kind.

The Boxer's distant ancestors were among the first dogs to stand at the side of soldiers and guard his supplies from attack by predators. Boxers have always been protagonists and Man's accomplice in traditional rural contests and games. Today, Boxers are defence dogs and used by the military and police, also providing their precious assistance in civil protection duties searching for people buried under ruins. The Boxer however is, above all, a familiar figure, and despite the fact that the date of the breed is relatively recent, there is no continent or nation where he is not known and loved.